Internship Program Information

The Internship Program at Notre Dame College

  • Provides real world experience in your field of study
  • Gives you a competitive edge over other college graduates
  • Assists in providing networking opportunities in the professional world
  • Helps you narrow down the areas to pursue in your field

Although the Internship Program is not mandatory for all students, all Notre Dame College students are encouraged to participate in the program.

All students who intend to register for internship credit hours must attend one Internship Orientation, held weekly through Zoom.

Additional Information and Required Forms

To register and complete your internship experience, review the internship program student guide and complete the internship proposal forms.

  1. Internship Proposal Forms
  2. Internship Program Student Guide
  3. Internship Program Faculty Guide

Please contact Bill Leamon at call/text him at 440-503-3126 (24/7/365) to register your internship.