Tips for Student Applicants

Preparing for the Virtual Career Fair

The virtual career fair makes it easy to explore career options, develop a network of career contacts, identify job openings, and even land an interview in a short amount of time. Below are quick tips designed to maximize your success.

Clarify Your Goals

What career path(s) are you pursuing or exploring? Not sure? That’s okay. Best to contact Career Services for a virtual coaching appointment and discuss where you are at currently, where you hope to go in the future, and develop strategies on how best to get where you are going in terms of your career.

Broaden Your Focus

You may miss out on possible opportunities if you pass up an employer because of preconceived ideas. Don’t make your world too small, too fast. Be open to the possibilities. At the same time, you only have so much time in the day to apply to positions so develop your criteria and stick to it. Always be networking.

Research Companies in Advance

Review the list of employers in the files posted. Identify those that are looking for candidates with your qualifications. Check out their website to understand their mission and gain a sense of the organization and its potential fit for you. Check LinkedIn to see if you have, or can make, connections.

Confirm You Have the Tools You Need

Any job search requires resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and interview preparation. Make sure you take the time to represent yourself in the most professional manner possible. First and foremost, have Career Services review your resume and help you write your cover letter before applying.

Prioritize Your Time and Make Progress Everyday

Applying to a handful of opportunities every single day over an extended period of time is recommended. If you really want to jumpstart your job search, and have more time to dedicate to it, a half dozen or so applications per day will result in 100 potential opportunities within 2 weeks.

Prepare for Virtual Interviews

If an employer believes you to be a potential fit, they will contact you to set-up an initial phone or video interview. Practice makes perfect so contact Career Services to schedule a mock interview. Most interviews are based upon the same five questions so with some preparation you will be ready to go.

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

At some point, assuming you made a connection in the initial interview, the organization will likely arrange an in-person interview or video call. Either way, dress and act professionally. Avoid anything distracting, either your clothing, jewelry, hairstyle. Additionally, if a video call, find a distraction-free background.

Follow Up is Key

After each interaction, write individualized follow-up letters or emails expressing your continued interest. With each communication, double-check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Job offers are often made to those who demonstrate they want the job the most.

We’re Here to Help

Career Services is here to guide you throughout the process. Click the link to our contact information and schedule a time to talk about your internship or job search or graduate school application. Our staff is friendly and flexible and you will find us to be sincere and supportive from start to finish.